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The British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons (BAAPS) is based at the Royal College of Surgeons and was created to promote excellence in aesthetic cosmetic surgery.

It is made up of more than 300 Member surgeons who follow a code of practice and ethics to improve overall safety standards, and to enhance the education of the public about aesthetic cosmetic surgery, and in particular the benefits and risks of different procedures.

  • Who We Are - Find out about the different levels of Membership and see a full list of the Council Members and Officers of the BAAPS.

  • What We Do - Read about why the BAAPS was established and what our key aims are for both surgeons and the public.

  • History of Cosmetic Surgery - Discover the origins of Plastic Surgery and how the BAAPS evolved directly from this.

  • Links - Other websites with supporting information that you may find useful.

  • Contact Us - Details of the BAAPS office in London and contact information for press and media enquiries.

  • Membership Application -  Submit your application for consideration by the Council Members.

Latest News

12th December 2017

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